Legendary Program
Career education «Community Manager Web3.0»
Become the new star of the Web3.0 universe!
From Web2 Mentality to Web3 Reality
Format: live sessions with top-experts in ZOOM + recorded lessons + homework + practical tasks to improve your skills
Course start:
February 20th
Why are the metaverse and Web 3.0 so popular?
More and more experts and companies are talking about the role and strong influence of the cryptocurrency market. Professionals are in demand just like air.
Web 3.0, blockchain technology, decentralization, tokenization are our future. It's already here.
Because more and more money is being invested in this area
The fastest of us have already mastered this topic and are now earning MILLIONS.
And now you can reach the new professional level in this area by becoming a Web3.0 Community Manager!
This specialist leads various projects, develops the strategy and architecture of the company's internal communities, and also organizes content creation and brand promotion.
How does the community manager earns money and what tasks does he perform?
From $ 1500 - average salary of a beginner
From $ 3500 middle-specialist
From $7,000 per project - professional`s salary. You can run several projects at once.
How much does the community manager earn?
Who is a Web 3.0 Community Manager?
It is a specialist who creates, administers and improves communities in the new WEB3.0 reality and interacts with community members
Learn from doers not talkers!
As the community manager, you will be setting the tone for the Project, either a DAO, NFT Project, or a WEB 3 startup. You will lead the whole community, do customer service, set the brand style, and speak for the project.
- Sounds like a great responsibility, huh?

- But don’t worry — you will have the greatest power!
our advantages
Top-experts and life-learning format
Interact with the best
Go beyond pre-recorded courses. With our LIVE sessions you will always have access to the best in the industry.
Internship at our company Web3Versity and at our partner companies
Learn by Doing
Opportunity Challenge will make you execute projects using what you learned and be rewarded with jobs, trips, education, internships with international companies.
Strong and supportive community
It’s all about Community
Grow with the best of peer-led learning. With tons of challenges and events all while building lifelong relationships
Guarantee job placement
Best students will get a job in our company Wev3Versity with an annual contract and a starting salary of $2,500
We prepare professionals for serious and promising work in the new Internet reality
- identifies the best qualified prospects among students.
By competing in Opportunity Challenges, you will get a chance to land a paid yearly contract with top companies around the world or become a part of our HR agency and work for our partners.
Web3Versity Opportunity Challenge
Our program is not for beginners
But for those who have some experience as product managers, copy writers, communicators
Our goal is to bring you from an average to a top professional level.
You will become a superstar specialist in Web3.0 industry.
You will become a market leader, needed in every company in Web3.0
What is the advantage of becoming a Web 3.0 community manager?
Opportunity to grow a lot in earnings - this is one of the highest paying professions in WEB3.0-ecosystems with an average's salary of $2000 and Pro's salary about $7,000 and more
Powerful support from the strong mentors and speakers: you will be able to learn from the best and learn with authoritative partners.
This is the job for a manager that strives to work in a creative environment.
Growth and perspective
This is the profession of the future - right now there are few competitors on the market that could beat you. And demand for employees is huge as never before: especially for a community manager who’s a key figure of every project
Your exclusivity
The possibility to become a sought-after and valuable specialist needed by many companies. It will give you an opportunity to choose projects to your own interest that suit you the most.
Dream job
«Working with a laptop from, anywhere in the world...» - sounds like a dream, huh? This job can turn your dream into reality
There are few competent professionals on the market now
That’s why, Web3Versity grows them on its own
The opportunity to become one of the LEADERS of the world market in your niche and promote gigantic global projects
Web3Versity will helps to make a x10 result for those who make quick decisions, think outside the box and know how to assemble a team
Our program is a month-long program created for people with experience to upgrade their knowledge to top experts and professionals.
“Opportunity Challenge” where students are competing to get a yearlong paid contract for MegaCampus India and our partners companies.
Job placement
Total of 8 to 12 class sessions and 8 to 12 live Q&A sessions.
Career mentoring
Our experts will work with you to identify your best-suited career opportunities and coach you to build your profile:
1. We will help you define your value proposition
2. We will help you understand your strengths & improvement areas to overcome obstacles and boost your career efforts
3. We will help you declutter thoughts, prioritize goals and break them down into actionable tasks
4. We will help you with interview preparations, finding jobs in the market, salary negotiations and communication guidance.
5. We will give you the company-specific interview preparation material
6. You will get the Career Bootcamp
What will you get on the course
Result and
practice-oriented learning
90-minute sessions with
leading industry experts
Business communication
and career sessions
for our best students
Chat to communicate with industry experts and help with career guidance
Feedback and
effective learning
What is this Web 3.0 of yours? Why is everyone talking about it? Why is there so much hype around it?
Web 3.0 is the next generation internet.

Users are the owners of everything they buy, receive as a gift and create on the network.
In web 3.0, people behave themselves in the same way as in real life, but with additional virtual features.

The Internet is already moving towards independence from companies. Users are the sole owners of their data. Everything that a person creates, acquires or buys belongs only to this person.

An independent virtual environment where everyone is an author and an owner
Areas in which а Community Manager is especially needed
Financial sector
Art Tokens
Where is the most demand
for community managers?
Our Program is for those who are ready to move forward, improve their knowledge, implement new tools and never stop succeeding.
But you need to act now
To create a content chain about various communities
Social networks
To ensure instant communication, as well as to organize work in a new reality
Internet communities
To create content strategies on the next generation Internet
Digital companies
To properly translate brand value into Web3.0 – realities and metaverses
To entrust the most difficult and stressful tasks to the community manager
To administer communities with discussion of innovative art objects
College & book knowledge doesn’t prepare you for real-world challenges and modern careers.
Skills and Knowledge that we will teach you to make you industry-ready
We create our training program with top industry professionals and experts who will help you get years ahead in your career.

We leverage competency-based curriculum, work-based learning pedagogy, blended learning delivery, for lifelong applied learning to deliver tangible career and business outcome.

More than just digitizing education, we adopt 70:20:10 work-based learning pedagogy to deliver improved KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Ability).

  • 70% On-the-Job Experience for ABILITY
  • 20% Industry experts mentoring skills
  • 10% Instruction Flipped Web3Versity for knowledge
The mentoring program is a move to a new professional level. And after completing the program, you will have the opportunity to intern in the USA and ASIA, as well as be in a community with one of the best.
What is WEB3.0 community, how to start working with it, how to develop and prevent potential risks
We will show you what WEB 3.0. community is: learn how to get started with the community; how to prevent failures in crisis situations; what are the community growth strategies and its ways of interactions. We will review the whole process from A to Z, and also we will discuss the mechanics of involving community members into interactions.
We will study the psychological and social nuances in these communities, as well as we’ll discuss how to create great content, settle arguments and be one step ahead of competitors. We will tell you how to develop a content strategy and competently support communication in metaverses, NFT projects, the invest-communities, the trading-communities and in WEB3.0. We will also work on your way of communication (language, culture and communication style) and help you achieve your incredible results.
Communication in the WEB3.0 group, the metaverse, in NFT projects, in the invest-community, in the trading-community.
We will learn how to manage projects, organize events and work with various partners in the field of WEB3.0 and Blockchain. We will also discuss the necessary skills to work as a community manager in Blockchain.
Organizing WEB3.0
/Blockchain Events
We will consider the intricacies of working with ambassadors and influencers in WEB3.0 ecosystems. After completing this module, you will be able to promote communities through meeting new partners. Also here, we will teach you the main techniques of interaction with clients in community management.
Collaboration with
partners in detail
We will show you how processes can be automated and how to properly analyze your activities. Learn the main KPIs for community managers. Get the community management tools you need for efficiency and automation.
Work efficiency
and automation
We will consider merchandising for WEB3.0/ Blockchain communities and their financial aspects: later, it will help you plan a proper budget for spending and the organization of communities in the metauniverses
WEB3.0/Blockchain community monetization rules
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
For those who still wonder if they should learn with us
See what other benefits you'll get:
Certificate from Synergy University and BlockGeeks
VibeON Executive PRO Status
resume feedback
Case studies
and live projects
A new profession that can change a life, raise a check and take you to another reality
Video library with 100+ tools
Trial interviews for hiring managers
Mentor Guide
Support and feedback
at every stage
How the course goes:
Q&A sessions
in master groups
To develop skills and reach
a new financial level
For personal and
professional growth
From Experienced Professionals
How does our program work?
Strong community of like-minded people
You will become part of a strong community and expand the boundaries of your capabilities. In this environment, you can implement your wildest plans and projects.
Professional growth
It’s a transition to a new stage of your career. Also, we will help you to participate in expert interviews with various well-known companies around the world.
Support from experienced curators
We will track your success and progress to help you successfully complete the program, achieve high results, and become consistent.
Social growth
You will enter a new community of creative people where everyone thinks big and creates the world of the future.
Choose your package
Access to the Web3Versity community-3 months free
Access to training for 6 months
Additional materials (PDF, Contracts, Cheat Sheets, etc.)
8 Master classes / QnA (two hours live)
8 Pre-recorded lessons (two hours each, divided into segments of 10-15 minutes)
Personal +
8 Pre-recorded lessons (two hours each, divided into segments of 10-15 minutes)
8 Master classes / QnA (two hours live)
Additional materials (PDF, Contracts, Cheat Sheets, etc.)
Group chat
Access to the Web3Versity community-3 months free
Group masterminds
Mentor support
The most talented will be invited to become part of our recruitment agency
8 Pre-recorded lessons (two hours each, divided into segments of 10-15 minutes)
Additional materials (PDF, Contracts, Cheat Sheets, etc.)
Group chat
Access to training for 1 year
Access to the Web3Versity community for 1 year
Group masterminds
Mentor support
The most talented will be invited to become part of our recruitment agency
Chat to interact with industry experts and help with career guidance
Personal consultation on the final project
Business communication
and career-related sessions
Access to training for 6 months
8 Master classes / QnA (two hours live)
Group chat
You will receive a workshop about your true calling with tools that will prepare you for your life long development journey. It will help you clean your brain before the education program begins. Throw away all the junk placed in your head over years.
You will receive a financial literacy course, which was designed with help of scholars and experts from around the world. It will give you all the necessary tools and information to finally obtain financial freedom.
You will receive our Planning 2.0 + Power Management course. It will teach you how to properly plan your life and things to become truly efficient, to achieve all your goals without being busy 24/7.
You will receive a CreativeVerse Networking Marathon. CreativeVerse Networking marathon is a logical addition to our main course. It is designed to enhance another important aspect of successfully achieving great goals in career and business. This aspect is the effective management of relationships with the important and right people. As we know, your connections are 80% of your success.
You can master the career of future now
stay in one place and wait for better times
You get to choose! But every minute of thought doesn’t bring you any results!
The decision you make RIGHT NOW will impact your life for years to come.
The time for thinking has long passed, now is the time for action.

We have all been dealt an unthinkable hand and over the past two years, each of us has been forced to adapt to an entirely new set of rules in our businesses and in our lives.

The good news is that you are not alone.
The bad news is… the old strategies, tactics, and thinking will no longer serve you in our new normal.
To thrive in the new climate, you must be nimble and adopt new strategies to advance in the world around you.

Your competitors will allow circumstances to paralyze their ability to move fast and change course. They will retreat rather than advance, and they will be punished in the years to come. Most importantly, however, they will miss out on what will undoubtedly be the greatest shift of wealth the world has ever seen. Don't let this be you!

The choice is yours… are you ready to get on the field and play the game, or will you simply be another fan in the stands wondering what you "could" have done or what "should" have done?

We are committed to helping YOU… are you willing to step up and follow your dream?
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Кому подходит?
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